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It is 1036 and England is without a Monarch and in turmoil. King Canute had died the previous year and a new king has not yet been chosen.

Earl Godwin, Canute's right-hand man and the most influential Earl in England is summoned by Canute's Second wife Queen Emma who wants the Witan (council of elders) to choose her son Hardicanute over Canute's other son Harold Harefoot by his other wife Aelfgigu. Although Earl Godwin cannot sway the council and is unable to help Queen Emma's request, he remains the most powerful Earl in England and effectively rules England for the next two decades.

His son Harold Godwinson will become the eventual King of England destined to rule England but a few months.

From 1036 to 1066 the Godwin family amassed wealth, power and influence. Their enemies were ruthlessly dealt with. Sibling rivalry between Harold and his brothers nearly lead to disaster for the Godwin family. Harold once king is forced to kill his treacherous brother Tostig at the battle of Stamford Bridge just two weeks before the Battle of Hastings.

During this time across the English Channel Duke William (Great nephew to Canute's Queen Emma) is fighting to take control of Normandy. Constantly fending off attacks on his land, he covets the crown of England as King Edward the Confessor has no offspring.

A story full of intrigue, treachery, Papal conspiracy, murder, deceit and an abundance of rape and pillaging. It is the most important era in English history. 1066 is the last time England would be conquered by foreign invaders.

There is more to the story than told in school history books.


Type of film
Running Time
225 mins
Robin Jacob
Joe Zucchero, Robin Jacob
Helen Hopllick, Robin Jacob
Alessandro Ponti, Bronwen Harrison
Principal Cast
Mark Lester, Ian Whyte, Gary Daniels, Marty Klebba, Matthias Hues


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Production Company

1066 The Film PLC
Reverie Productions
Tiger Films Pte ltd
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