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Jan's Coming Out

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Village Films


From traditional wife and mother of three to jet-setting ‘Baby Dyke’, share Jan’s story as she travels the globe searching for Sapphic insights, flirting and dating tips…

Jan Walker was married for 23 years but whilst her hubby watched the football, she discovered The L Word, little knowing her life would soon be transformed. Her subsequent divorce, paved the way for her late adoption of lesbian life, catapulting her into a new world of cruises, entertainers, dining clubs, ramblers, conventions and global gay pride events, encouraged by her bemused but supportive children.

Meeting lesbian ambassadors, entertainers, entrepreneurs and pioneers along the way, she welcomes tips and anecdotes from established lesbians, ‘Gold Star’ lesbians, young and old lesbians, couples and singles to women like herself who are ‘dykes in training’ honing their ‘Gaydar’ skills. In her quest to make up for lost time Jan seeks answers to help establish her new found identity. Is she an Alpha or a Beta? Femme, Butch or Kiki? A Pillow Queen or Stone Butch? Does she have to be any? And what exactly do they mean? How does a fifty year old Baby Dyke find love? And exactly how do you switch on your Gaydar?


Type of film
Running Time
75 mins
Carolyn Reid 1st Feature
Alison Thompson
Carolyn Reid, Lucy Westwood
Carolyn Reid
Director of Photography
Carolyn Reid
Alison Thompson
Lucy Westwood, Jennifer Corday, Suede
Principal Cast
Meredith Baxter, Stella Duffy, Zoe Lyons, Val McDermid, Jen Brister, Jill Bennett

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Last updated 6th January 2012

Production Company

Village Films - Northumberland


Fiona McKay
VFP Media - Tyne & Wear