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2025 - the movie


Tom Haddon is a genius. A formidable man who found a way to reverse Dyslexia in young children. His research into mind manipulation saved a generation from many forms of learning difficulties. But like most things in life the gain comes with a price.
Thirty years on and technology has evolved. Cars can drive themselves, PCs don’t exist and laptops are a rarity. Nobody has a mobile phone anymore; instead they wear a Virtual User Interface, sophisticated glasses known as VUI’s. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, the hands free VUI’s augment your reality into whatever you desire.
Pippa Sutton lives her life in conflict. The Haddon family represent everything that she stands against. Yet Tom took her in and loved her as his own daughter after her mother died when she was just six years old.
The Haddon’s are implicated in the suicide of a Politician. Murder and violence dominate the headlines and Pippa’s own life is in danger. Her loyalties are torn apart, does she fight for what’s right or does she stand firm with the family she owes so much to?


Type of film
Running Time
120 mins
Dave Moyle 1st Feature
Executive Producer
Alan Mallyon
Mat Lucas
Linda Dunscombe
Director of Photography
James Martin
Kristian Mitchell-Dolby
Music - Mia and The Moon, Patrick E Fagan
Principal Cast
Lisa Ronaghan, Andrew Baguley, Bryn Hodgen, Grant Kempster


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Last updated 11th March 2015