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A Naughty Thing Called Life


A Naughty Thing Called Life "The Papa Spyk Story" is a visual depiction of a newly released, and incredibly well received, autobiography from Author, Edouard "Spyk" Gheur. The author tells us in his book of his rise to fame and riches as a well endorsed professional rugby player and successful model/television actor and how his addiction to steroids and cocaine brought everything he had worked for crashing down around him. In his early 30's his aorta, which acts as the main artery supplying the heart, exploded into pieces as a result of the intense and prolonged use of chemical enhancements and recreational drugs.

Spyk lived to tell the story of his agony and the journey of recovery he has been on since. Once told he would never be able to father a child, he now has a beautiful young daughter to be thankful for but problems still continue to arise in Spyk's life and the persistent struggle reveals the amount of fight one man can carry within himself. http://


Type of film
Digital Video 4K
Mark Brown
Edouard Gheur
Mel Fisher, Rose Warner
Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Director of Photography
Steve Armourae
Production Designer
Andrew David
Principal Cast
Edouard Gheur, Patrick Bergin, Morgan Quatre-Smith

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Last updated 11th March 2015

Production Company

Urban Day Production
80 Church Road,
Ramsgate, Kent
CT11 8RF

Rare Breed Productions
Film Florida