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After the Sewol

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A feature documentary that explores the changes of Korean society and citizens since the sinking of the Sewol ferry.
Many documentaries have focused on the cause of the sinking of the Sewol and the government's delayed response to a thorough investigation. This film touches on these issues, but also takes an in-depth look at how the lack of response from officials and the government has really impacted on the lives of those that now matter most.
The film explores South Korean history and culture in order to understand why safety is a concern that is on the minds of many of the citizens. It also explores why members of the general public are giving up their free-time to promote awareness and educate people about public safety.
Using the sinking of the Sewol ferry as a catalyst, the film aims to not only shed light on the suffering the victims have gone through but also to show how they have fought and struggled to be heard in trying to create change for the better.


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
Matthew Root, Neil P George
Matthew Root, Neil P George
Neil P George
Matthew Root, Neil P George
Director of Photography
Matthew Root, Neil P George
Principal Cast

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Last updated 5th April 2017

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Sliced Pictures
S2S Media
RHK Media
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