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Again Again Again (We Eat the World and the World Eats Us)

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© Laura O'Neill


As our planet is in deep shit (sheeeeeeeee-it) this animated video reflects that shit - quite literally, in fact, as again-again-again (we eat the world and the world eats us) takes the viewer on a ride on an intestinal highway, passing lakes of glossy dung, as if Charlie’s chocolate factory has just turned into shit. The video is a roller coaster ride through different scenes of social decay, violence and riots, set over the rolling hills of a post-Brexit catastrophe, a crisis which has turned this part of the world into a big load of shit. Sheeeeeeeee-it! Heavy shit which goes down lightly, as layers of destruction pour into a well-crafted narrative of post-millennia-anxiety with sweetly sick humor.


Type of film
Running Time
8 mins 32 secs
Laura O'Neill

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Last updated 1st October 2018

Production Company

Laura O'Neill


Laura O'Neill