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Agent Crush

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Tom Balogh


It’s 200 years in the future and much has changed but one thing remains a constant – crime, and it’s getting a little bizarre.

Boris Goudphater is the first prototype cyborg to be developed by the World Security Network (WSN) to combat crime. The cyborg experiment failed due to a dangerous defect, but Goudphater managed to survive the de-commissioning process and escaped. Horribly disfigured, the evil wide-mouthed Goudphater is very angry and he’s out for revenge. Agent Crush the second prototype cyborg is also somewhat defective, but he’s trying to prove himself as a secret agent. Despite being furnished with all manner of superhero gadgets and hardware, Crush is prone to bumbling accidents and wreaks havoc wherever he goes.

However, in tandem with his creator Spanners and Spanners’ daughter Cassie his latest mission is to stop Goudphater from exploding a nuclear device at the earth’s magma core, which will cause every volcano to erupt, destroying the earth. A spectacular flying car chase through the streets of New York and the underground lava caverns lead to an explosive climax.

Despite his shortcomings, can Agent Crush prove that he really is the only man for the job and save the earth in time?


Type of film
Running Time
96 mins
Sean Robinson
Fred deWysocki
Fred deWysocki
David Freemantle
Sedan Robinson, Barrie Robinson, Mark York
Director of Photography
Peter Field
Production Designer
Antony H Haylock
Sound 24 Glenn Freemantle
(Theme) David Arnold, (Composer) Michael Price
Principal Cast
Ioan Gruffudd, Brian Cox, Neve Campbell, Roger Moore, Brian Blessed, Ruby Wax, Jon Culshaw, Rula Lenska, Trevor White, Tim McInnerny, Niko Nicotera, Matthew Cureton

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Last updated 21st November 2007

Production Company

Crush Productions Ltd
Office S206
Ealing Studios
Ealing W5 5EP

T +44 (0)20 8567 6655


Fantastic Films International LLC

T +1 323 661 7088
F +1 323 661 7188