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LONDON, 2024. Terror strikes at Heathrow Flight Control Tower. An unknown fault with the landing software has stranded nine planes over London. Onboard computers glitch as frantic Pilots radio in for emergency landing clearance. Fuel levels run low. Planes are in danger of crashing into each other.

A race against time, our hero John Steel battles to prevent the impending catastrophe. The virus devours the Flight Control's network. Proving too powerful for John, Heathrow suffers a horrific air-traffic tragedy. But our hero is not that easily conquered. With the help of his top virus tech, Jack Beale, John sets out to destroy the virus. Imagine their surprise when they discover their nemesis AVATAR is a beautiful woman with a cruel-set sneer. In a dazzling array of skilled fighting, AVATAR gets straight to work making mincemeat of John and his team. Through a series of action packed encounters, John battles a seemingly unconquerable adversary.

The story climaxes on the rooftop of Britain's tallest building, the Central Communications Tower. Running out of options, John finally discovers the solution to his problem.


Type of film
Running Time
9 mins
Nicolai Amter
Nicolai Amter
Nicolai Amter
Brian Hovmand
Hyan Thiboutot
Director of Photography
Matthew Woolf
Production Designer
Yun Jung Ko
Henry Nesbitt
Lazy Angel and Mashination
Principal Cast
Camille Natta, John Kay Steel, Anthony Renshaw, Karl Wozny, Sonny Killingback, Adam Longworth

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Last updated 10th March 2010

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