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Baby Blues


Brian and Julie, a young married couple, are about to have their first child. But far from bringing them happiness, following the birth, Julie descends into a psychotic form of postnatal disorder known as Puerperal Psychosis, an illness which affects 1 in 500 women. Her behaviour becomes increasingly bizarre and she is admitted to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. Her strange behaviour continues and she forms an attachment to a male fellow inmate.

After several weeks in the hospital and several sessions of electro-convulsive therapy (ECT), Julie is no better and Brian despairs of ever getting her back. He starts to blame God for his situation and to question his beliefs and the principles of his faith. Sarah, his work colleague tries to help but her motives are not entirely unselfish and Brian has to fight against his attraction to her.

When he eventually succumbs, he is filled with remorse, especially when he discovers that Julie has returned to sanity. He decides to take action to get his life back to some sort of normality but when he goes to get Julie out of the hospital and take her home he is faced with another problem - believing she is cured but that nobody believes her, she has run away from the hospital and disappeared.


Type of film
Running Time
87 mins
Owen Carey Jones
Owen Carey Jones
Executive Producer
Owen Carey Jones
Owen Carey Jones
Owen Carey Jones
Director of Photography
John Morrison
Brian Gray
Enya, Helen Gray, Deborah Pennington
Principal Cast
Nicky Talacko, Stuart Packer, Nichola Dixon, David Bowles, Simon Desborough


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Last updated 17th April 2009

Production Company

Carey Films Ltd
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Leeds LS19 7RW

T 00 44 (0)113 250 6411
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