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Beginner's Luck

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Mark Feinman has a dream; he's stranded alone on a desert island, but he doesn't know why. In a flash of inspiration he realises his dream is a premonition and immediately sets up a touring theatre company with his two friends, Hettie and Jason. Their mission: to bring a radical reinterpretation of Shakespeare's Tempest to unsuspecting audiences in Edinburgh, Paris and London.

Mark and his misfit mates are forced to sign up their actors from an assortment of petty criminals, public school boys and burger bar workers. However, the miraculous arrival of the mysterious and beautiful Anya spurs them on to new heights for the world premiere in Soho.

After a sublimely disastrous opening in London, the young hopefuls flee to Edinburgh and Paris in search of their dreams: fame, fortune, sexual adventure and a decent meal. Once on the road they find their idealism rewarded with every possible mishap and breakdown.

Having reached rock bottom, Mark makes a final stab at leadership. He announces a new booking in a glamorous Parisian venue. In the city of love and lights they find that their problems have only just begun. With no money and no roof over their heads, they may as well be marooned on a desert island.


Type of film
Running Time
83 mins
Super 16mm
James Callis, Nicholas Cohen
Harriet Evans-Lombe, Richard Osborne, James Harding
Alistair Waterson
James Callis, Nicholas Cohen
Director of Photography
Chris Preston
Andy Mitchell
Karl Wallinger, Tristan Norwell
Principal Cast
James Callis, Julie Delpy, Steven Berkoff, Christopher Cazenove, Tom Redhill


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Latenight Pictures
Suite 118
Golden House
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London W1R 3DD

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Icon Entertainment Int
The Quadrangle
4th Floor
180 Wardour Street
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