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Belonging: The Truth Behind the Headlines

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An investigative feature-length documentary about where power lies in the United Kingdom. Re-examining events surrounding three industrial disputes, three governments and over three decades, the film shows the impact of government and corporate power on democracy and human rights not just for trade unionists, but for all.
There are many reveals – not least a secret government plan to destroy community and collectivism. The film uses documents clearly showing what has long been suspected by many but not proven – until now.
Heart-wrenching personal stories are told by those at the centre of these industrial disputes, not only highlighting the impact of the actions of those in power on individuals and communities, but also raising the question of what lies ahead.
From Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of The Times and The Sunday Times in 1981 through the News International dispute (1986/7), Royal Mail as it prepared for privatisation (2007/8) and a dispute at the Grangemouth Oil Refinery in Scotland (2013), Belonging explores what has happened behind closed doors of successive UK governments and the resulting impact on people’s human rights. Power: “who has it, and what do they do with it?” is as relevant today as it ever was.


Type of film
Running Time
89 mins approx
Morag Livingstone 1st Feature
Morag Livingstone
Morag Livingstone and Inspired Film and Video
Director of Photography
Chris Leslie
Inspired Film and Video
Mick Penkethman
Principal Cast
Rupert Murdoch, Stevie Deans, Terry Smith, Burslem 12, Ailis Deans, henrietta Hill QC
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Last updated 28th June 2017

Production Company

Livingstone Media Limited