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Beyond the Borders

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Spending over a year in Lebanon on the borders of Syria, documentary directors Sophia Scott and Georgia Scott tell the story behind the news reports. The film is a reflection of the strange chaotic lives of the people living in the shadow of the Syrian war, giving an intimate look at how four Syrians, whose collective struggles constitute the new frontline of the refugee crisis, are trying to find ways to overcome the torment of their shattered lives. Interwoven through the film are the contributions of a German professor who works with the local Syrian and Lebanese communities in the north trying to build a new model for peace through interfaith dialogue and access to education for the displaced Syrian children. These are the Syrian people who we see in the news drowning in the Mediterranean.
These five protagonists are the people who will bring forward the global debate on the conflicts at hand from a human, rather than figures-based point of view.


Type of film
Running Time
80 mins
HD Proress 1080i
Sophia Scott, Georgia Scott
Sophia Scott, Georgia Scott, Jane Wells
Executive Producer
Sarah Mosses, Ian Taylor, Nada Velan
Georgia Scott
Director of Photography
Sophia Scott
Sophia Scott, Georgia Scott
Pol Seif, Nadim Mishlawi, Marjan Peternel
Post Production Services
Silverglade Post Production, London
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GroundTruth Productions Ltd
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