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Big Ben


This is a fantasy epic romance about how Big Ben was named after a man called Ben who works inside the clock all the time. It is about his loneliness, him making a choice, sacrificing and struggling through love.

The story begins as a tale being told by a grandfather who works in an old clock shop to his grandson. The voice over takes you to the Victorian time where Ben meets a cleaning woman, Sofi, who comes to clean the Big Ben every week. They start a rather peculiar relationship through the window between them; him inside the clock and her outside. Their love finally becomes physical when the times comes where Ben can get out of the clock for one hour; the only hour of the year he can go outside when the clock changes to the winter time.

After their passionate experience, Sofi starts to want more and more from Ben and starts asking him to get out and live life with her. Ben faces the biggest choice he has to make - commitment for his lifetime work for the people, or his love.


Type of film
Giacomo Boeri
Elly Nakajima

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Last updated 10th March 2010

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