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Big Society The Musical

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Set in coalition Britain amidst the crisis of capitalism, the UK government launches their flagship deception of ‘The Big Society’ from Liverpool. Connor, a disillusioned 15-year old sits alone in his cell.  He understands the lie: We’re not 'all in this together' like the man on the TV says.  Bullied and taunted by the other young offenders, Connor’s only hope is Linda, his Social Worker, who he has come to trust.  But what happens when Linda’s job is threatened, will she be able to find a way to care for him? When no one hears you shout…Sing.
A surreal and gritty musical set against the backdrop of the UK economic cuts.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Lynne Harwood 1st Feature
Jennifer Monks, Nicola Mitchell
Jan Brown, Ann Monks, Paula Simms, Lynne Harwood, Jennifer Monks, Cath Bore, Charlie Kelly
Director of Photography
Jane Farley
Andy Frizell
Principal Cast
Paula Simms, Jennifer John, Paul Wise, Errol Lloyd Parry, Joe Maddocks, Shaun McKenna

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Last updated 11th November 2015

Production Company

First Take
1 Maryland Street
L1 9DE
+44 (0)151 708 5767