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Biggest Chinese Restaurant In The World

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The 5000-seater West Lake Restaurant in the Chinese city of Changsha is the setting for this feature-doc. Old traditions and new money come together in a vibrant and colourful exploration of modern China. Central to the story is the restaurant's owner, the unstoppable Mrs Qin, a Communist Party member with a love of singing.

Between mouth-watering and 'exotic' Chinese food and the rousing Communist songs sung by the staff, the film examines how China has been transformed over the last few decades. It also poses the question: in this new affluent and ambitious China, who is thriving and who is left behind?

Many of life's most important events take place on the West Lake's stage and it is through these celebrations - a wedding between a wealthy property developer and his beautiful bride, a baby banquet and a grandmother's birthday party - that the film explores the struggles and hopes of Chinese people today.


Type of film
Running Time
79 mins
Weijun Chen
Lawrence Elman
Director of Photography
Weijun Chen


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Last updated 27th November 2008

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