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Love - on the razor's edge of addiction.

Carl Dyson is a successful genetic scientist who is about to destroy his comfortable suburban life. Liz is no average 20-year-old girl. Manacled to a chair in the basement of a decaying country estate, her dark eyes pierce the strands of raven hair falling across her pale beautiful face. A dog-muzzle pulls her grey lips back form her gleaming white teeth. She is hungry. Upstairs, three 40-year-old excuses for humanity play screaming rock music and drink her blood.

Carl rescues her, takes her into his home and forges a set of documents that give her a new identity as his sister. What else can he to do? He did after all create her - 20 years ago, in his lab at the RICA Institute.

The objective of the project had been to create a human being with blood that would conquer every known disease including cancer. Carl had a vision that within a few generations there would be enough people with this elixir blood, born naturally, to keep the world healthy.

He discovered however, that when ingested by any other person, Lix's blood did nothing more than act as an extremely powerful narcotic.

Five years after her birth, Lix was abducted and locked in a basement to be used as a living narcotics factory. She was held there for the next 15 years until Carl rescued her.

And now Lix, the girl with narcotic blood, is living in Carl's home. Carl is captivated by her. Sexual electricity arks between them like slow summer lighting. He wants to taste her blood. The temptation grows with each passing day. Just once. Just to know.


Type of film
Running Time
123 mins
16mm Kodak
Charly Cantor
Hugh Curry, Colin Pons
Executive Producer
Hugh Curry, Colin Pons
Nick Packer
Charly Cantor
Director of Photography
Katie Swain
Ben Baird
Vince Clarke
Principal Cast
Adrian Rawlins, Lee Blakemore, Phil Cornwell


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Last updated 16th November 2006

Production Company

Loud Mouse Productions
2nd Floor, LPL,
145-157 St John Street,
London EC1V 4PY


Omni International
Contact: Hugh Curry
P O Box 264 OrangeVille
Ontario L9W 2Z6

T 001 519 941 0914