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The screenplay was inspired by a remark heard when filming Civil Rights activist Bernadette Devlin for the documentary 'Mother Ireland'. Devlin said that, although the wall pointed to 'Free Derry', she felt that behind the wall women were certainly not free. This is the story of some of those women.

Bogwoman is the tragicomic story of three women. The story is based on research from Derry women who lived through the '60s and it follows the lead character Maureen as she moves from the Bogs of Donegal to the Bogside of Derry. The film focuses on how this naive country woman forges a life in her new community to which she has come to guarantee a future for her young son and to meet and marry her future husband, Barry. The film utilises home movie and archive footage of the time and is an ambitious and innovative attempt to recreate the story of those who found themselves Bogwoman.


Type of film
Running Time
84 mins
35mm Kodak
Tom Collins
Tom Collins,
Director of Photography
Peter Robinson
Principal Cast
Rachael Dowling, Peter Mullan and Sean McGinley
Screen Writer
Tom Collins


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