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Boots on the Ground

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Hindu Kush, Afghanistan October 2014. War ends at midnight, all five British soldiers have to do is stay alive till then.
In the midst of a firefight the five British soldiers try to find a safe haven to sit out the last night of the Afghan war. Trekking through dense woodland they come across a large imposing British fort dating from the early 19th century. On nearing the entrance to the fort they see 5 other British soldiers enter, with great relief they also enter the fort but find it eerily unoccupied. Where have the British troops gone?
As the night unfolds and their mission is finally explained, they find themselves in a labyrinthine nightmare of seemingly un-combatable spirits from another realm. Time also seems to move in inexplicable ways to the point where they question their own reality. Who will stay alive till midnight, will any, are they already dead?
'Boots on the Ground' makes a little bit of film history by being the first British feature film to be shot entirely by its actors wearing head-cams, mirroring the use of head-cameras by real soldiers in combat situations in 21st century war zones.


Type of film
Running Time
87 mins
louis melville
alex francis, louis melville
louis savy, julia stavrietsky
Executive Producer
alistair kennedy
lucas roche
louis melville
Director of Photography
boyd skinner
Production Designer
stephen matthews
pasquin mariani
Principal Cast
ryan mcparland, tom ainsley, valmike rampersad, sally day, ian virgo
Film Image
©Last Bullet Films
vfx supervisor
ben kent
casting director
maggie lewis

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Production Company

Last Bullet Films
Studio 2, The Galleries
15-19 Cleveland Way
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