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Born and Reared

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A moving documentary that explores contemporary Northern Ireland, through the lives of four men living in the aftermath of violent conflict; a story about reimagined identity of place and the fragility of masculinity.
Contextualised by the country's past the film is firmly rooted in Northern Ireland today, as a population struggles to come to terms with the horrors and the sacrifices of its past and the men turn to face a future defined by their hopes, rather than regret.
Filmed over a year with the men in and around their homes, the filmmakers focussed on the stories that took place long after the news cameras had left the story that was Northern Ireland.
Thirty years of violence came to an end in a 1998 peace deal, and the door on almost relentless media interest also closed. But the lives of those affected indirectly or otherwise by the so-called ‘Troubles’ continued…
In a society where masculinity has long been measured in violence and aggression, what happens to the identities of men when the Troubles end and the roles previously held are no longer accepted or needed?


Type of film
Running Time
66 mins
Henrietta Norton 1st Feature
Henrietta Norton
Dan Dennison
Executive Producer
Iris Bedell, Roger Woolman
Ollie Huddlestone, Benjamin Gerstein
Director of Photography
Dan Dennison
Henrietta Norton
Luke Coltman
Principal Cast
Bobby Mathieson, Danny Humphries, Brian Foulis, Billy McManus
Film Images
Billy McManus (The Markets) - Photographed by Dan Dennison, Bobby Mathieson (Portrait at home) - Photographed by Dan Dennison

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Last updated 9th June 2016

Production Company

Hot Feet London Ltd (Independent Film Company)
Henrietta Norton, Dan Dennison
+44 (0)7976 099565


Hot Feet London Ltd (Independent Film Company)
Henrietta Norton, Dan Dennison
+44 (0)7976 099565