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Bye Bye Harry

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Emma and Ian used to be a couple, and if only Emma hadn't been so impulsive and Ian hadn't always come up with crazy-get-rich schemes they may have still been together. In a desperate bid to get Emma back, Ian sinks all their joint savings into a classic car which he claims will be the start of their new business venture. The mystery buyer for the car turns out to be Ian's suave and successful older brother, Stuart, who is now living with his wealthy wife in Lichenstein.

Ian has a lot at stake; not only does he have to prove himself to Stuart, he also has to clinch the deal to re-gain Emma's respect - and hopefully love. As usual for Ian, things don't always go to plan. Driving through the mountains, en route to visit Stuart, Ian thinks he sees Harry Hackett, a famous comedian, who has plagued him throughout his childhood and in a panic manages to lose control of the classic Jaguar, which ends up in a tree.

With the help of two local Moldavian car mechanics Ian gets the car back on the road but it is a wreck. Ian now has to come up with another idea to rescue his lost investment and save face with Emma. How about kidnapping the corpse of his arch enemy, Harry Hackett, recently deceased, and demanding a ransom?

Once again things don't go quite to plan but in the end at least Ian gets his girl.


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
Robert Young
Adrian Politkowski
Adrian Politkowski
Jeremy Strachan
Graham Alborough
Director of Photography
Hans Hubach
Production Designer
Andre Fosney
Dirk Bombey
Principal Cast
Iddo Goldberg, Joanna Paige, Til Schweiger, Veronica Ferres, Tim Dutton


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