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Zurich Film Festival selector screenings in London

  • Zurich Film Festival 2015

Zurich Film Festival's 2015 green carpet

20th July - 22nd July 2016

Zurich Film Festival's Karl Spoerri and Viviana Vezzani are watching British films in London as part of our festival selector screening service.

We are screening a great crop of new British films to Zurich's top programmers at our bespoke festival selector screenings in private screening rooms in London.

The festival has a rich history of supporting British films, their 2015 selections included High-Rise, Couple In A Hole, The Man Who Knew Infinity and many more.

We're excited to show them some brand-new films to consider for their 2016 festival.

To learn more about our festival selector screenings click here.

Zurich's 12th edition runs 22 Sept to 2 Oct, more information here.