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Captain Jack

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Captain Jack is the true story of irascible and irresistable Captain Jack, a Whitby sailor with antipathy for authority, appeal to the ladies and a deep love and respect for his predecessor Captain Scoresby, who sailed from Whitby to the Arctic in 1791. For Captain Jack, Scoresby is Whitby's true hero. Not Captain Cook whose statue stands overlooking the town. The two hundredth anniversary of Scoresby's first trip to the Arctic is coming up. Jack resolves to follow him there and place a plaque.

But before he can assemble a crew or provisions, he finds himself and his beloved schooner, The Yorkshire Lass, forbidden to go to sea. In spite of (or because of?) the Captain's protestations, Inspector Lancing of the Department of Transport finds the vessel unseaworthy and ties her up in red tape.

This doesn't stand in Jack's way, and neither does the motley crew he finally assembles, in the persons of Phoebe and Eunice, two elderly warring sisters; Emmett, a hen-pecked unemployed holiday maker; Andy, the Australian hiker and Tessa, the local lass who stows away to be with Andy - the man of her dreams.

The Captain has everything he needs. With his old friend Barbara running communications from the local caravan park and the fishing fleet to escort The Yorkshire Lass out of the harbour, right under the harbourmaster's nose, the adventure begins.


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
35mm Kodak
Robert Young
Pippa Cross, Chris Craib, William Sargent
Director of Photography
John McGlashan BSC
Principal Cast
Bob Hoskins, Sadie Frost,
Executive Screen Writer
Jack Rosenthal


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