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Cat Skin

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17-year-old Cat (Jodie Hirst) is a shy and troubled photography student at college in a small coastal town, who much prefers the company of her feline friend than her fellow students. Dealing with the burden of her ill mother in hospital and homophobia from a local bully, the artistic and shy loner lives her life behind the safety of her camera lens.
And that lens is focused on April (Faye Sewell), a lovely and popular music student with an overbearing mother and a hotheaded boyfriend who objectifies her.
Both lives are illuminated after April uncovers she’s been the main subject of Cat’s photography project and what should have been an awkward encounter turns into an unlikely friendship. Romance begins to blossom between Cat and April as their relationship evolves into something deeper. They learn to trust each other and themselves, all the while April’s disapproving mother threatens to keep them apart and her obsessive ex-boyfriend refuses to leave the picture.
A romantic coming-of-age drama.


Type of film
Running Time
96 mins
Daniel Grasskamp 1st Feature
Daniel Grasskamp
Executive Producer
Daniel Grasskamp
Daniel Grasskamp
Daniel Grasskamp
Director of Photography
Joni Juutilainen
Production Designer
Marja-Lisa Hedenquist
Andrea Possee
Principal Cast
Jodie Hirst, Faye Sewell


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Last updated 26th June 2018

Production Company

Daniel Grasskamp