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In The Cut-Throat World Of Fashion, Beauty Is The Beast.

Someone is killing the beautiful people. Four supermodels have been slaughtered and mutilated in the last few weeks.

Meanwhile, in the wild world of Manhattan’s fashion jungle, a new face is getting everyone’s attention - BASIA, a young beauty with a mysterious past, has caught the eye of both the establishment and the underground. JAKE, a hip young mix-DJ whose star is on the rise, is falling in love with her. DANNY, the hottest fashion photographer in New York, wants her too – for complicated reasons. DESIREE, boho-punk documentarian, feels Basia is a vital element of her new verite movie. And HAMISH, an all-but-burnt-out homicide Cop, has some questions for her.

While the killings continue, while the city lives in fear, Basia is drawn into the whirlwind of neo-stardom and begins to lose sight of who she really is.

All along, in teasing, taunting flashes, Basia’s repressed memories have been surfacing – tortured, confused memories of orphanhood and abuse - A pattern of abuse that has both buried her memories and awoken an ancient genetic pattern, dormant for generations. Basia’s bloodline is very old.

Now, trapped in his apartment studio, Basia discovers to her horror that Danny is the serial killer. And she is to be his next victim...
Yet, when Desiree breaks into the studio moments later, it is Danny who is dead. Ripped to pieces as if by some rampaging beast. And Basia is nowhere to be seen.

And finally the secret self within Basia is free – a human/animal hybrid of feline grace, awesome power, terrifying beauty, and a primal urge to kill. Rampaging through New York, killing innocents and evading the police, she ends up in the sewers, surrounded and protected by the giant cats that have escaped the circus to join their new Empress.

Somewhere within the Beast, Beauty is screaming.

Only Jake can help her now. Only love can pull the trigger.


Type of film
Anthony Hickox
Julia Verdin
Peter Atkins, Anthony Hickox
Principal Cast
Julie Ordon, Danny Dyer, Kevin McKidd

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Last updated 5th December 2008

Production Company

Seven Arts Pictures
38 Hertford Street
London W1J 7SG

T +44 0(20) 3006 8222
F +44 0(20) 3006 8220


Seven Arts International
38 Hertford Street
London W1J 7SG

T +44 0(20) 3006 8222
F +44 0(20) 3006 8220