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After a devastating earthquake Nga, an old elephant, feels the end of the world coming as well as his own death. His “mahout”, Sanra, the last guardian of the immemorial elephant cemetery, readies himself for a final journey with Nga, his friend and life's companion. At dawn, they leave their camp and enter the jungle, pursued by a band of poachers, avid to capture the treasure contained in the cemetery.
And so begins a journey placed under the sign of mourning and reincarnation, accompanied by a hypnotic monologue that leads us ever deeper into the jungle. One after the other, the poachers all die in mysterious and violent circumstances. Arriving at the cemetery, the spectator is the last witness of a nocturnal journey to another world.


Type of film
Carlos Casas
Olivier Marboeuf
Carlos Casas

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Last updated 22nd March 2017

Production Company

France, UK, Poland, Sri Lanka coproduction

MAP Productions (FR), Soda Film+Art (UK), Spectre Productions (FR), Kimnes/Bersch (PL), Film Island Productions (LK)

Soda Film + Art
c/o Soda Pictures
17 Blossom Street
E1 6PL
+44 (0)20 7377 1407