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Chicken Run

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It is night and all seems quiet on Tweedy's Farm. But someone - or something - stirs in the shadows - It is Ginger, a chicken with a mission. She and her fellow flock are determined to escape the egg farm where any chicken who doesn't make her quota can meet a fowl fate.

There's Bunty, a champion egg-layer and proud of it; Babs, kind-hearted but decidedly bird-brained; Mac, the Scottish chicken who has all the skills of an engineering genius; and Fowler, the farm's elderly cockerel, who constantly reminisces about his wartime exploits in the R.A.F.

Every one of the chickens' many escape attempts under the fence, over the fence, even masquerading as Mrs. Tweedy is thwarted, and the ringleader, Ginger, is tossed into 'the cooler' by Mr. Tweedy.

Undaunted, Ginger is contemplating yet another escape attempt, when she witnesses the impossible - a rooster named Rocky comes flying over the fence into the farm. Ginger sees her salvation - if he can fly into the farm, she and the rest of the brood can fly out. She agrees to hide Rocky if he will teach the rest of the flock how to fly.

But even as the chickens attempt to fly up, the egg count continues to go down - a fact not lost on the greedy Mrs. Tweedy, who decides that chickens who aren't laying profits - can be baked for profits as chicken pies.


Type of film
Running Time
84 mins
35mm Kodak
Peter Lord, Nick Park
Jake Eberts, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michael Rose
Executive Producer
Jake Eberts, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michael Rose
Mark Solomon
Karey Kirkpatrick
Director of Photography
Dave Alex Riddett
John Powell
Principal Cast
Voice Cast: Mel Gibson, Julia Sawalha, Miranda Richardson

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Last updated 24th June 2005

Production Company

Aardman Ltd.
1410 Aztec West Business Park
Bristol BS32 4RT