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Cinema Museum

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Cinema Museum comprises four nine minute shots of a tour guide leading us around the labyrinthine corridors of a vast private collection of movie ephemera. The guide’s soft, measured voice soothes the ear while our eyes gawp at a teeming archive verging on chaos.

The camera sets out with the stealth of a Stanley Kubrick Steadicam shot, but it soon begins to drift. As the guide walks ahead, the camera lingers over drawers marked ‘Gulag Guns’, boxes of fanzine clippings, spare parts for projectors and bits of Art Deco signage.


Type of film
Running Time
36 mins
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis
Director of Photography
Mark Lewis
Principal Cast
Anna Odrice


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Last updated 1st October 2009

Production Company

Mark Lewis Studio

T +44 (0)20 3092 6241