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The poignant and personal story of 13 year-old Khushboo. A portrait of a rape victim, caught in the devious ploys of her family. Stories of the horror of her gang-rape, emotional abuse at the hands of her grandmother, who orchestrated her rape, and that of her child marriage to a man she does not know are poignantly woven. As Khushboo changes hands from one abuser to another, we delve deeper into her grandmother’s story – to where this circle traces back.
Told simplistically through an observational lens, this intimate and delicate film attempts an understanding of the nature of abuse, and a closer look at the perpetrator, as much as it does of the victim itself. Where does this circle begin? Where does it go? And can there be any release?
Official Selection Berlin Film Festival 2018 - Short Film Competition - World premiere


Type of film
Running Time
14 mins
Jayisha Patel
Jayisha Patel, Ruchi Bhimani, Harini Lakshmanarayn
Director of Photography
Jayisha Patel, Amith Surendran
Sound Recordist: Anita Kushwaha
Principal Cast
With the participation of: Kushboo Tewari, Shobha Tewari, Dadi Tewari

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Last updated 17th January 2018

Production Company

UK, India, Canada coproduction

Jayisha Patel