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Cloud Cuckoo Land

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Sandy Kenyon (played by Steve Varden in his first feature role) is an aircraft enthusiast who dreams that one day he will be able to fly. But he has one problem, following his mother's dramatic death in a flying accident, he suffers from cerebral palsy, leaving him with serious mobility problems.

Most people Sandy meets find it hard to believe he will ever achieve his dream.

Sandy and his grandfather Victor (Sir Derek Jacobi) spend their spare time searching for aircraft wrecks. When Sandy learns that a mystery wreck is still missing in the Lake District, he decides that he will leave the safety of his care home and set out alone to try to find it.

Sandy's quest for independence is not a smooth ride. He faces suspicion and hostility as he begins his new life. But as his true potential is revealed, magical things happen. Lucy (Boo Pearce) breaks down her prejudices to become his lover, and a strange group of travellers help him in his quest.

Ultimately, Sandy achieves his dream, though not in the way he had planned!


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
35mm, Fuji
Matt Dickinson 1st Feature
Chris Bradley
Rachel Meyrick
Matt Dickinson, Steve Varden
Director of Photography
Andy Martin
Richard Pilcher
Ed Poole, Andy White
Principal Cast
Steve Varden, Derek Jacobi, Boo Pearce, Kriss Dosanjh


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