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Darkstar heads to South Africa

  • Darkstar


June 2016

UK electronic duo Darkstar are planning a collaboration with South Africa's young people as part of documentary film festival Encounters, creating a unique merging of audio documentary, electronic music and political statement.

Darkstar, AKA Aiden Whalley and James Young, will be transposing the central concept of their third studio album, Foam Island, to a South African setting during their time at the Encounters South African International Documentary Film Festival (2-12 June).

The band will document the experiences of young people and incorporate this into the Foam Island recordings, resulting in two special performances in Cape Town and Johannesburg on June 11 and June 12, respectively.

Their recordings of interviewees will be woven into the tracks to form a powerful and unique merging of audio documentary, electronic music and political statement.

Encounters Festival Director Darryl Els says he was "very excited" to host Darkstar at this year's edition. Their trip is supported by British Council.

"This is the kind of audience experience I imagined when taking up the position of festival director - one that moves beyond the cinema screen, embracing other forms of non-fiction storytelling."

Foam Island deals with powerful themes of ambition and hope against the odds in the 21st Century. The lyrics and sound of the album were shaped by the people and emotions they encountered while talking to local young people in Huddersfield, UK.

The 18th edition of Encounters will host screenings of British documentaries including William Fairman & Max Gorgaty's ChemSex and James Spinney & Peter Middleton's Notes on Blindness.

For the full programme, visit the festival's website.

Story by Ian Sandwell