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British Council gets in the Game

  • Chromatic Play

Chromatic Play, an interactive light installation by artist and researcher Tine Bech

April 2016 | Across London

British Council is involved with two exciting gaming initiatives kicking off in April; a re-launched London Games Festival and EUNIC’s new exhibition ‘The Games Europe Plays'

British Council is delighted to be supporting two gaming events in April. Kicking off on 1 April, the re-vamped London Games Festival will be offering a range of showcases and summits across the capital to celebrate the industry’s huge cultural and economic impact.

The event will run from 1-10 April and British Council will be partnering on the Games Culture Summit on 8 April. Drawing together leading cultural institutions and creative leaders the Summit will examine a variety of issues including how galleries and museums curate, collect and archive games.

Launching on the same day, and forming part of the London Games Festival's fringe activitites, is 'The Games Europe Plays' exhibtiion, a six-month showcase that will highlight the diversity and ineguinity of creators working in the games space across the EU region. The first part of the exhibition will focus on games for young people and family and will open at the Finnish Intistute London.

‘The Games Europe Plays’ has been conceived and developed with curator Ghislaine Boddington. For more information about the exhibition and the programme of related panels and events, click here.