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Games Europe Plays Body<>Tech show comes to Greenwich

  • Songs of Elstryn's Oath of the Gryphon

Songs of Elstryn's Oath of the Gryphon

British Council is a proud supporter of The Games Europe Plays – BODY <>TECH, a show that will run at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery at the University of Greenwich from 7 July to 26 August.

The exhibition presents the works of interactive artists and game makers from the UK and continental Europe, with themes of how we will inhabit and take care of our virtual and physical bodies in the future.

The fascinating projects presented include:

  • Molding the Signifier by Ivor Diosi (Czech Republic) offers three chatty avatars who get infected by a mysterious bacteria slowly disrupting their conversation and behaviour
  • Anna Dumitriu with Alex May (UK) turns Staphylococcus aureus bacteria collected on her body into an installation and a virtual reality experience
  • Marco Donnarumma (Italy) uses his heart beats, blood stream and muscle contractions to create digital music and media
  • The Good Night Lamp by Designwarm (UK) uses the Internet of Things technology to tell a loved one ‘I’m thinking of you’ at a distance
  • Blast Theory’s app Karen (UK) is a life coach who gets a little bit too friendly and intrusive
  • Dutch game Songs of Elstryn invites you to rebalance yourself physically and mentally

The exhibition is the second in a series of three shows initiated by EUNIC London and curated by body technologist and digital expert Ghislaine Boddington, Creative Director of  body>data>space.

Boddington said: “BODY<>TECH engages in a debate in Europe around gaming and interactive works that represent our bodies and minds. Showing projects both with social purpose and artistic intents the works in this exhibition display a way of being in a new world - where the inside moves outside, the digital helps the physical, virtual and physical intimacies merge. The Games Europe Plays - BODY<>TECH  reflects on potential digital physical 'bodies' of the future.”

The Games Europe Plays is a EUNIC London project, produced by the Finnish Institute and body>data>space. Initiated by the Czech Centre, the project is supported by British Council and Arts Council England. It is presented at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery and supported by the University of Greenwich (Department of Creative Professions & Digital Art), in association with Nesta’s FutureFest and London Games Festival. With additional support from the Czech Centre, the Italian Cultural Institute and the Embassy of the Netherlands.

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