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Celebrating Safar's success

Safar was a huge success in 2016, and we look back at the event with an exclusive video looking at Arab cinema after the Spring. Watch here!

The Arab British Centre’s Safar film festival – the only festival in the UK focused solely on Arab cinema – returned to the ICA in London from 14-18 September for a third edition under the stewardship of leading curator Rasha Salti and supported by the British Council.

The British Council was delighted to support the festival once again to bring directors and talent from across the MENA region to present their films at Safar with guests that included Muayad Alayan (Palestine), Monira Qadiri (Kuwait), Hicham Lasri (Morocco), Selim Mourad (Lebanon) and Salem Brahimi (Algeria).

Here are some of Safar's successes by the numbers:

  • 9 – Number of films at Safar
  • 84.2 - the percentage of the audience polled who rated it as 'excellent' or 'very good'
  • 154 – number of Kickstarter supporters who jointly contributed over £10,000 to the festival
  • 1000 – total audience
  • 3,132,509 - Social media reach (Combination of all Safar partners, guests and films)
  • 103,646,313 – Press reach

We have put together a short film documenting this edition of the festival that you can see below (or at this link)

Safar Film Festival from British Council Film on Vimeo.