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Shola Amoo takes A Moving Image to Africa

  • Mozambique workshop and Hustle

Mozambique workshop and Hustle

  • South Africa Hustle

    South Africa Hustle

10th January 2018

Shola Amoo recently travelled to four African countries with his feature film A Moving Image for a series of screenings and workshops

Here's Shola's account of his trip:

My screening and workshop tour ran across four countries, including Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa.

The aim was to screen my debut feature A Moving Image, in Nairobi, Maputo, Dar es Salaam and Johannesburg. In addition to that I ran a three-day short film workshop in both Maputo and Dar es Salaam.

In Kenya, I collaborated with an organisation called Docubox to screen the work of two key Kenyan artists, Jim Chuchu and Ng’endo Mukii. They screened a selection of acclaimed VR work and short films and then we engaged in a Q&A that queried the state of cinema and artistic practice in Kenya. It was an interactive discussion with a very engaged and vocal audience. We touched on the topics of distribution, multimedia practice and artistic practice in the wider diaspora.

The first three-day short film workshop took place in Maputo. It included participants from other neighbouring countries, including Zambia, Botswana and Namibia, alongside the participants from Mozambique.

This was a highly interactive course, interrogating how to create short form content that could capture a global digital audience. Part of the process involved watching various pieces of online media, including short film, webinars and web series. The participants also had to pitch their projects in under three minutes. I was supported by local artist Iria Marina, an amazing multi-hyphenate who recently had a fantastic exhibition in Maputo. She also sat on the panel for the A Moving Image screening, chaired by Filomena Mairosse and hosted by SA-based organisation Creative Nestlings.

After Maputo, I ran the same course in Dar es Salaam but this time supported by talented photographer turned filmmaker Osse Sinare, who delivered an exceptional masterclass on branding. Daniel Nyalusi, the director of the Zanzibar Film Festival also gave an informative masterclass on the international festival circuit.

At the end of the course, two of the best projects were awarded £1,000 to enable the winners to attend the Zanzibar Film Festival 2018 to support the screening of their work.

The final screening of A Moving Image was in Johannesburg, again this was hosted by Creative Nestlings, which curated a panel of talented, locally based practitioners.

The post-screening discussion was very intense, due to the reality of gentrification in Johannesburg, particularly in places such as Maboneng.

The question of how powerful a tool art is to combat social injustice was a recurring motif. It directly tied to the central theme at the heart of my film and felt extra pertinent in this highly political time around the world.

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