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Common People

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Common People Productions LTD


When Princess Parroty escapes the confines of her cage she finds herself flying with parakeets in the south London skies and soaring into the lives of the Common People. Here begins a unique and enchanting story which will see the lives of those people changed forever…

"Common People" weaves together six stories and over thirty characters to present a dramatic, humorous and sometimes magical tale of romance, crisis and adventure on one of London’s luscious commons.

The Common itself provides a delightfully varied environment where people can escape the stresses of city life and their various stories can unfold. There’s the romance which blossoms between an unlikely couple, revelations regarding a homeless man’s past, and adventures galore as a troop of young boys set off scouting for birds and end up performing the greatest good deed of their lives. These characters, and many more, tackle individual challenges before being brought together by an extraordinary encounter with one exotic feathered friend.

With raw, funny, and compelling performances from a talented ensemble of actors aged seven to seventy, "Common People" touches on many of the issues affecting ordinary people today in a heartfelt, poignant and ultimately uplifting celebration of everyday humanity.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Kerry Skinner, Stewart Alexander 1st Feature
Darin McLeod
Kerry Skinner, Stewart Alexander
Oliver Parker
Stewart Alexander
Director of Photography
Andrew Johnson
Production Designer
Martin Christopher
Merlin Bonning
Tom Hodge
Principal Cast
Sam Kelly, Diana Payan, Iarla McGowan


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Last updated 7th March 2016

Production Company

Common People Productions Ltd