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Country of Hotels

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The stories of the desperate souls who pass through the doors of 508, a room on the fifth floor of an anonymous, decaying hotel.
A surreal and blackly comic journey down the hotel's lonely corridors and behind its out-dated furnishings and stained surfaces. The story plunging into the ever-turning carousel of haunted lives who check in and out of the establishment. Adulterers, lonely businessmen, and hustlers grapple with their demons whilst a prying, occasionally sinister hotel staff always seems to be within earshot. Inside this hotel the mundane transforms into an implement of threat; a faulty light fixture appears to contain a hidden camera; a heating unit whispers to guests with increasing menace; a television set randomly flips channels, displaying TV shows which reveal a guest's secret paranoid fantasies; and a stray look into the bathroom mirror becomes the quickest way to disprove your existence.


Type of film
Running Time
145 mins
Julio Maria Martino 1st Feature
Saba Kia
Executive Producer
Emily Corcoran
Peter Allinson
David Hauptschein
Director of Photography
Stefano Slocovich
Production Designer
Mike McLoughlin
Ed Rousseau
Christos Fanaras
Principal Cast
Michael Laurence, Matthew Leitch, Siobhan Hewlett, Charles Pike

Production status


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Last updated 18th February 2019

Production Company

Saba Kia