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Dance of the Wind

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Set in contemporary New Delhi, Dance of the Wind follows a young singer, Pallavi Sehgel, whose successful professional life comes to a sudden halt at the death of the woman and musician who was both her mother and teacher. She loses her voice and with that her career, students, and finally, it seems, her husband. At first it appears that she is simply grief-stricken. But her silence persists. The efforts of those closest to her to discover the reason fail.

The answer lies in her own desire for the pure music she once heard as a child, in the veiled past of her mother's death and in the laws of the sacred tradition itself... A strange old mendicant appears at the hour of her mother's death, accompanied by a young girl, Tara, who sings with a voice of angelic beauty. Pallavi is haunted by the child's voice, but she proves to be as elusive as she is entrancing. The only acknowledgement she offers Pallavi is to disappear into the shadows from whence she came.

And the old man, is he her mother's teacher, who renounced the world for mysterious reasons many years ago? Or is he just another wandering madman? If he is truly 'Baba', of whom her mother rarely spoke, then perhaps he also holds the key to her voice.

With perseverance, however, and with help of the young girl, Pallavi comes to learn that the old man communicates his knowledge in dreams and visions.

Pallavi's downfall sees everything she holds dear stripped away. While her husband, a usurping pupil and a ferocious critic all have a part to play in her journey through silence and near madness in the nightmare of a market place, Pallavi somehow finds the strength to reconstruct herself as a link in the ancient chain.


Type of film
Running Time
85 mins
35mm Kodak
Rajan Khosa
Keith Griffiths, Jacques Bidou, Phil Van der Linden
Keith Griffiths, Jacques Bidou, Phil Van der Linden
Director of Photography
Piyush Shah
Principal Cast
Kith Gidwani, Bhaveen Gosain, B. C. Sanyal and Roshan Bano
Screen Writer
Robin Mukherjee from an original story by Rajan Khosa


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Last updated 26th November 2005

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