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Dangerous Obsession

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The Driscolls have a lifestyle to be envied; successful, rich and glamorous, they travel in private jets and live in beautiful mansions. But there is a down side. Mark Driscoll is jetting back to the Isle of Man to close a deal. A deal that could save his life. Whilst his household is preparing an extravagant feast for Mark's banker, Mr Hayter, somebody is watching the Driscoll Mansion. Fastidiously, obsessively, noting down the movements of the staff, letting his binoculars rest on the alluring Sally Driscoll. One by one, the staff leave, carefully noted by the man and Sally allows herself finally to relax with a long, long drink, and a soak in the Jacuzzi.

The voyeur cunningly gains entrance to the mansion; a semi-naked Sally is confronted by this strange intruder. But John Barret says he knows her. That they've met. Shared a table at a Masonic dinner and dance. Vague memories of a distant, drunken evening are triggered. In flashback we see the Driscolls forced to share a table with an innocuous couple, 'Hoi Polloi', Sally had called them. Whilst Sally is covering herself, John Barret starts meticulously dismantling the security system without her noticing. Mark Driscoll returns, with that 'disarming smile': no problem, all the man wants is money, isn't that what everybody wants? Although apprehensive he can't take the intrusion seriously, intent as he is on this deal. He just wants John to go away. And his wife to stay sober. John has other plans. It seems his wife, Jane, was in a dreadful accident and obviously unhinged by this, John wants to talk it through, finally producing a gun to command Mark's attention. Mark, still intent on ridiculing John, provokes him to prove his marksmanship with chilling effect......


Type of film
Running Time
97 mins
35mm Kodak
Gerry Lively
Alberto Ardissone
Executive Producer
Alberto Ardissone
Director of Photography
Adam Santelli
Principal Cast
Sherilyn Fenn, Ray Winstone and Tim Dutton
Screen Writer
John Howlett


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Last updated 26th November 2005

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