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Dark Matter

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Mol Smith


Complete destruction threatens humankind.
A saviour is sent from another galaxy. But is it too late?

Doctor Reynolds lives in an alcoholic mist since the accidental death of his wife a year earlier. A once eminent research scientist and accomplished professional at Harwell, Oxfordshire, he now lives almost reclusively apart from one colleague who remains his trusted friend. One night, a small meteorite crashes down into his garden evoking his curiosity. Upon closer inspection, he discovers the rock contains genetic material to create a living form... a messenger from another galaxy. He cultures the material in his bath tub, but strange incidents start to happen: episodes where he sees his dead wife again.

Within a short time, an alien life form emerges from the bath tub. But he has failed to create the correct culture for it and ithas no idea why it is here. Increasing incidents occur ever more frequently where he is thrown backwards into time. Somehow they're connected with the arrival of the alien.


Type of film
Running Time
84 minutes
HD digital
Mol Smith
Mol Smith
Mol Smith
Mol Smith
Director of Photography
Mol Smith
Mol Smith
Principal Cast
Dominic O'Flynn, Gina Purcell, Jamie-Jodie Shanks

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Last updated 27th July 2015

Production Company

Onview Films ( ltd)