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Dead Room

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From director Ian David Diaz and producer Julian Boote, who brought you the award-winning cult Brit-Flick, The Killing Zone (Grand Jury Prize, Best Feature, LA International Independent Film Festival 2000), Dead Room is by turns a dark, tense and sometimes bizarrely comic story of the various occupants of innocuously numbered Room No, 2. An otherwise ordinary flat in suburban London, owned by an untrustworthy Nigerian Landlord, No. 2 is a room born bad. You know the kind… bad karma on top of bad décor! It inevitably attracts all the wrong people, and something weird always happens there.

Giving examples of its four latest occupants - a gentle writer being driven to murder by a cruel prankster; an ill-prepared trio of women falling foul of a self-perpetuating chain of evil; a TV journalist following an alien-obsessed, barking mad assassin; and a homeless man's encounter with a crazed Stalker and her victim - the Landlord shows us just how macabre and downright odd the room's history really is.

Set in a bed-sitting London many will find all too familiar, Dead Room follows the grand tradition of Dead of Night, Creepshow, and Twilight Zone The Movie.


Type of film
Running Time
97 mins
35mm, Beta SP, Digi Beta
Julian Boote, Ian David Diaz, Mark Bowden, Gavin Boyd, Phil Lott
Joseph F Askew
Julian Boote
Executive Producer
Joseph F Askew
Ian David Diaz, Glyn Ford
Julian Boote, Ian David Diaz, Mark Bowden, Liam Geraint Lowry, Gavin Boyd, Anthony Ofoegbu
Director of Photography
Alan Dunlop
Bejhan Kalantar
Michael Neilson
Principal Cast
Anthony Ofoegbu, Giles Ward, Richard Banks, Lisa Renee, Tracy Thomson, Dina Jacobsen, Esme Eliot, Paul Vates, Melissa Simonetti, Laura Carter, Alex Stephenson


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Production Company

Seventh Twelfth Collective Ltd
8 Eve Court, 127 Grosvenor Avenue,
London N5 2NJ

T/F+44 (0)20 7704 6932


Avrio Filmworks
4428 Juneau Street, Burnaby
B.C. V5C 4C8, Canada

T/F +1 604 298 1976