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Devil's Gate

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For Rachael Crossman, (Laura Fraser) the remote island settlement of Devil's Gate may well be where she comes from but it is a place she never thought she would go back to. Her mother left when she was young and, ever since, Rachael has been searching on the mainland for her, searching for answers, searching for belonging and searching for a purpose to her life.

So, when Rachael's former childhood sweetheart, Rafe (Callum Blue) calls from Devil's Gate, Rachael is not interested. Not until she hears that her father, Jake (Tom Bell) is dying.

Meanwhile, Matt a city boy who has nursed Jake, knows that something is wrong. The terse and alcoholic Jake may well be unwell but he's not dying. Matt decides to stay in Devil's Gate and find out why she has been tricked to come home.

When Rachael arrives, it is obvious Rafe was trying to entice her back to rekindle their former romance. Matt, too, feels a bond between him and Rachael, much to the annoyance of the ultra-possessive Rafe.

The tense love triangle is complicated by the fact that an old hermit, Eagle, seems to have long=lost clues to the disappearance of Rachael's mother. Is Eagle hiding a dark secret, or is he just going crazy after too many long, dark nights in Devil's Gate?

As local policeman Clem gets drawn onto the trail, it soon becomes obvious that there is more to Devil's Gate than the remote landscape can hide. Is Rachael's mother still alive? What happened to her to make her disappear? And why is Rachael so scared to go back to her home?
Not many people live in Devil's Gate - and those that do will never be the same again.


Type of film
Running Time
96 mins
Stuart St Paul
Peter Ramsay, James Edmond
Chris Joyce
Trevor Todd, Stuart St Paul
Director of Photography
Malcolm McLean
Alan O' Duffy
Mark Blackledge@Tamborine
Principal Cast
Laura Fraser, Callum Blue, Javed Siddiqui, Mamoun Hassan Luke Aikman, Tom Bell


Production status


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Last updated 7th September 2006

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Indyuk Films
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Middlesex HA6 3NZ

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