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Doctor Who: Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom

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‘Doctor Who: Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom’ explores what makes Doctor Who fans special, and how not only has the show influenced them, but how they have influenced the show itself! Featuring interviews with actress Louise Jameson, and members of the production team like Robert Shearman and prop builder Nick Robatto, this documentary is sure to ‘strike a chord with any Doctor Who Fan’ ( We also take a trip across the globe to meet Michelle Osorio, a filmmaker from California who just so happens to have a Dalek named Gary in her garage! Most importantly though we speak to the fans, as without them, Doctor Who wouldn’t be back on our screens for a 50th anniversary and this film would never have been made! ‘A thought-provoking and affectionate look at how fandom has evolved in 50 years’ (The Gallifrey Times) this is one documentary you really can’t afford to miss!


Type of film
Running Time
42 mins
High Definition
Jonathon Scrafton 1st Feature
Simon Keogan
Jenny Rountree
Executive Producer
Susan Perryman
Jonathon Scrafton, Christopher Hine
Director of Photography
Shannon Hawkey
Simon Keogan
Principal Cast
Louise Jameson, Robert Shearman, John Paul Green, Michelle Osorio, Nick Robatto

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Last updated 2nd June 2014

Production Company

FTS Media