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Eight and a Half Women

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Eight and a Half Women is a laconic black comedy, an examination of the age-old phenomenon of male sexual fantasy, its roots and its consequences. A quiet rich Swiss businessman, whose wealth comes from the many Japanese pachinko parlours he owns, lives in Geneva. His son lives in Kyoto, and is fascinated by earthquakes. When the father's much-loved wife dies, the son tries hard to help his father overcome his grief by introducing him to, among other things, Fellini films, awakening in him a new desire for women. To accommodate this, the two of them create their own domestic bordello with women they rescue from pachinko parlour gambling debts and other situations of shady finance around Europe. The film tells the story of the brothel, and its eight and a half women, that lasts three years before being broken up and finally destroyed in an earthquake.


Type of film
Peter Greenaway
Denis Wigman, Terry Glinwood, Bob Hubar
Director of Photography
Sacha Vierny
Principal Cast
Polly Walker, Amanda Plummer, Vivian Wu, Toni Collette
Executive Screen Writer
Peter Greenaway


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Movie Masters/Woodline Prod./Delux Prod./Continent Films
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