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Elvis Walks Home

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Mickey, an illegal Albanian who used to live in London, is a part time Elvis Presley impersonator. He gets a job entertaining British peacekeeping troops in the 1999 Balkans wars. When backstage problems ensue, Mickey (dressed as Elvis Presley) flees - straight into the war zone. He meets and is captured by a group of children refugees caught up in the merciless war. To save his skin he lies and tells them he is a United Nations doctor. The kids put a gun to his head and tell Mickey to take them to the UN refugee camp or they’ll shoot him. When they reach the camp, it is marooned between the warring factions. To stop the fighting Mickey puts on his guitar and sings as Elvis as he walks onto the battlefield. It works: but Mickey is now himself, not Elvis. He buries the white jumpsuit and begins to walk home, but in fact he has no home.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Fatmir Koçi
Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, Fatmir Koçi
Max Vonk
Jonathan Preece
Director of Photography
Marek Wesolowski
Production Designer
Andon Koja
Jonathan Preece
Principal Cast
Dritan Kastrati, Amos Muji Zaharia, Erand Hoxha, Ekan Gjinaj


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Last updated 10th March 2017

Production Company

UK, Albania coproduction
Film and Music Entertainment (UK, IE), Kkoci Production (AL)

Film and Music Entertainment Ltd.
Manon Clement