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Everybody Loves Sunshine

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Nick Wall


Two sleek black Jaguars cruise through Manchester, loud beats pumping from the sound system. People turn to stare. They have all been waiting for this day: friends, family and enemies alike. The Warlords are out and ready to take control.

In the Pepperhill Estate, an ongoing battle rages between Triads and street gangs, fuelled by a quest for wealth, power, territory and respect but resulting only in violence. Ray and Terry, gang leaders, have been inside and in their absence the Triads have grown stronger and more daring. A revenge attack for the killing of gang member Kermit is called for and the gang turns to Terry and Ray for direction.

Cousins and lifelong friends, Ray and Terry have always trusted and relied on one another, but now Ray is talking of breaking the rules; he doesn't want to play gangsters anymore, he is looking for something else, something legitimate. But Terry, driven by an obsession far beyond friendship, is determined to make sure that Ray never leaves the gang.


Type of film
Andrew Goth
Guy Collins, Simon Johnson, Bjorg Veland
Director of Photography
Julian Morson
Principal Cast
Goldie, David Bowie, Andrew Goth, Rachel Shelley
Executive Screen Writer
Andrew Goth


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

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Everybody Ltd
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