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In Festival, a comedy about the Edinburgh Festival, we get to know a lot of characters. Faith gets off a bus and starts handing out leaflets for her one-woman show. Sean, a famous comedian, is incredibly rude to a radio journalist, live on air. Micheline, a posh Edinburgh housewife, rents out her enormous flat to an experimental theatre group from Canada. She can't help spying on them from the close. At their house in the country, her husband and baby are waiting for her.
Joan, the radio journalist, wants to sleep with the charming Irish comedian Tommy. Does he really like her or does he just want five stars this year? Will the alcoholic PA Petra go off the wagon after a row with her horrible boss Sean? Will the Comedy Award jury ever agree on a shortlist? Who is that beautiful girl comic Nicky flirting with now?
Who will get an audience? Who will win an award? Who will find love, who is really talented and who will be the Next Big Thing?
Festival is about that strange month of August when the whole world comes to Scotland to perform, to watch and to drink, and every show promises to be better than the last one. For one month a year, for some people, Edinburgh becomes the centre of the universe.


Type of film
Running Time
107 mins
Annie Griffin 1st Feature
Robert Jones, Tessa Ross, Anita Cox
William Webb
Annie Griffin
Director of Photography
Danny Cohen
Peter Brill
Principal Cast
Amelia Bulmore, Billy Carter, Raquel Cassidy, Megan Dodds, Duncan Duff, Jonah Lotan, Meredith Macneill, Stephen Mangan, Lyndsey Marshall, Stuart Milligan, Daniela Nardini, Chris O' Dowd, Deirdre O' Kane, Dorothy Paul, Lucy Punch, Clive Russell

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Last updated 7th September 2006

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