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Adriatik Ragipi


Max is dead. Who's to blame? A dark tale of suicide, revenge and - Bluetooth.

Akeem is a troubled teenager grappling with the loss of his best friend Max through suicide. It is an unlikely assortment of bullies led by the narcissistic, abhorrent and cruel Kino that Akeem blames for the death, having drawn Max into a game and subjected him to a sustained torment of bullying recorded on mobile phone.

Even after the death, Kino continues in his attempts to manipulate Akeem, trying to pin the blame on him. Haunted by Max's death and constantly reminded of his involvement Akeem, the victim and willing participant in Kino's game to humiliate Max descends into madness and his grip on reality begins to slip.

He sets out to expunge the memory of his friend's painful past and embarks on a crusade to bring down the gang and destroy their reign of terror. Now out of control vigilante-style and equipped with a mobile phone he uses for surveillance of the gang, he becomes less engaged with personal interactions and more fixated with documenting them with violent consequences...


Type of film
Running Time
53 mins
Ash Mahmmod, Naeem Mahmood
Helena Thompson, Naeem Mahmmod, Ash Mahmood, Jonathan Jules
Ash Mahmood
Helena Thompson, Ash Mahmood, Naeem Mahmood
Director of Photography
Adriatik Ragipi
Principal Cast
Zephryn Taitte, Joanne Gale, Liam Mcdonnell, Roy Weise, Michael Grandison, Chloe Watkinson, Holly Salter, Neil Maddison


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Last updated 1st December 2008

Production Company

Transient Film Exchange
39 Sinclair Rd
London W14 ONS

T +44 (0)20 7371 2527

SPID Theatre Company
Kensal House community rooms,
Ladbroke Grove
London W10 5BQ

T + 44(0)20 8968 2961