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In 1960, shy and stuttering Teddy Boy Johnny Taylor wanted one thing – to dance with Sally, the girl of his dreams. But Johnny’s dream turns into a nightmare. Beaten by Sally’s boyfriend Creeper he finds himself at the centre of a murder on the dance floor. Panicking, Johnny flees the scene only for his car to veer into the river, sending him to a watery grave.

40 years later, a pirate radio station playing the sounds of the fifties awakens Johnny from the dead. Driving through the night in his spectral motorcar, he is a monster in search of lost emotions. The modern world looks like it did in the fifties through his eyes and memory sees him return home to his Ma. Despite Ma’s best efforts, all Johnny does is sleep - except between midnight and 2am when Radio Rockabilly is on air. Re-animated by the music, he drives the streets searching for Sally and looking to avenge his death. Following a series of strange murders, one-armed Memphis cop, Lt. Annie McKenzie is drafted in to investigate. She soon realises that even though they said Rock n Roll was dead, Johnny’s back - alive and killing.


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
David Howard 1st Feature
Pippa Cross
Pippa Cross
Madoc Roberts
David Howard
Director of Photography
Chris Seager BSC
Production Designer
Phil Roberson
Phil Edward
Richard Hawley
Principal Cast
Hugh O' Conor, Faye Dunaway, Liz Smith, Mark Benton, Michelle Ryan, Julia Foster, Terence Rigby

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Last updated 6th January 2009