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Four Eyes

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After being knocked out, an erratic Paul Hunt believes he has been the victim of a mugging, robbed of £1000, a deposit for his new house. Relationships are already strained between his new wife and his elderly father who all live under the same roof. Paul is now under pressure at his new job as a double glazing sales man for tyrant Big Al, under pressure to care for his devoting father and under pressure to get the money back, before his pregnant wife finds out.
Life just can't get worse for the trainee salesman as his boss forces him to wear glasses - "They make you look 17% more intelligent" - his new company car looks like Tweety Pie on wheels and his wife's on his back to get a new home.
Made on a shoestring, yet glittering with wit and invention - and jam-packed with brilliant set-pieces - Finnigan's digital feature is a superb example of Scottish independent filmmaking.


Type of film
Running Time
74 mins
DV Cam
Duncan Finnigan 1st Feature
Duncan Finnigan, Wilma Smith
Duncan Finnigan
Duncan Finnigan
Director of Photography
Wilma Smith
Wilma Smith
Principal Cast
Duncan Finnigan, John Smith,

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Last updated 7th September 2006

Production Company

FIN Scotland Productions
45 Blair Road, Coatbridge
North Lanarkshire ML5 1JQ,
Tel: +44 (0)1236 420417