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Future Document

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Jake Astbury


Future Document follows the dark journey of a girl, Christina.

Anomalous memories are re-traced in the pursuit of revealing their true intentions. Transmissions have punctuated the strange world, in which the girl has found herself to be the centre of transmissions, she remembers, that may have eradicated the frequency of human life as she knew it.

As her alter-human capabilities slowly unlock (as prophesied by those who are watching her), the truth of her place in the plans ahead is shown to her. The transmission has already begun - Christina, however, still has more to remember.

Directed by Jake & Daniel Astbury, Future Document is the brothers' own unique meditation on a piece of apocalyptic sci-fi. Inspired by the structure and style Japanese sci-fi manga, a powerful female, both violent and child-like, is overseen by an elusive, evil scientist.

Shot in B/W Anamorphic digital video and Super-8 film, Future Document is perhaps the only independent sci-fi with genuine, unexplained UFO footage, filmed whilst shooting a scene in Cambridgeshire. The UFO was only discovered on review of the rushes afterwards and was introduced into the story by way of a strange anomaly that may, or may not, have changed everything.


Type of film
Running Time
34 mins
Digital Video and Super-8
Jake Astbury, Daniel Astbury
Jake Astbury
Helena Astbury
Jake Astbury
Director of Photography
Jake Astbury
Production Designer
Jake Astbury
Jake Astbury
Tatsuhiko Asano
Principal Cast
Helena Mitchell, Jessica Johnson, Paul Roffman

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